How do I find my IBAN ref?

My brother wants to send some money over from his Australian account so I can buy our parents vouchers from him for Christmas. He is asking for my banks IBAM ref number, any ideas how to find this?

Do you mean IBAN?

You don’t have one. You can use various websites to generate them, but I wouldn’t risk it.

Yes IBAN :see_no_evil:
Why would you not risk it?

Payments might take a few days to go through, or they might not reach your account at all.

Outside of the EU international payments don’t have a guaranteed “route” to Monzo and so they payment might not arrive and take some time to make its way back to your brothers account.

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The Wise account gives you Australian bank account details on the Australian Dollar balance so he could just do a local transfer which you could then convert to GBP.

Thak you, useful post, the article was fom 2018 so maybe thing shave improved. Might advise brother not to bother… He will have to send a card :joy:

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He could also use something like Transferwise to send the money. The fees are lower than most international payments anyway. But he’d need to set up an account etc

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I think you can get Revolut in Australia? Perhaps both get this and he can send it via an Aussie Dollar account to yours (open one alongside GBP as a multi currency wallet) - you can then convert it to pounds for free in the week. Cuts out the international transfer risk.

Just get him to use Wise. I’d highly recommend them.


What about from the EU?

I am (or was) ‘full Monzo’ but my employer just changed payroll processor that only works with IBANs and we’re paid from Germany (parent company is there).

I’ve given them another bank’s details with a ‘proper’ IBAN to make sure there aren’t any issues in the meantime.

No IBAN or Swift so not from EU either.

You can vote for the feature here:

Maybe if enough of us voted they would add it.

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