How do I close shared tab

About 6 months ago I created a shared tab, we was travelling together and I payed for everything and added it to a shared tab so everyone could see the transactions and know how much we all owed, we just split it evenly 3 ways.

One person payed via monzo
one person payed via cash

I noticed the shared tab is still open as the other person got a notification to pay… however they payed cash. I only created the shared tab so others could see the purchases.

there is no way for me to close, or leave the shared tab as it says I am owed money… I don’t care, I just want to close it? it seems impossible.

I have tried removing all transactions from the tab, but it now says I owe money and still won’t let me close it, arggg!!

Can you help please

I had a similar issue a few monthe ago. I contacted Monzo on the in app chat and they closed it for me.

Make sure to tell them that you can’t close it yourself as there’s a non zero balance (as the first advice they gave me was how to close it myself)


thanks, I just sent them a message