How banks deal with the clocks changing

Topical, given the clocks are going back tonight, so I thought it might be useful to have a place where we can see what the various current account providers deal with the clock change.

Monzo - no shut down

Starling - no shut down

Dozens - no shut down

Nationwide - Closed 12:01am (BST) to 6am (GMT) - card payments, ATMs and internet banking still work, but no transfers / faster payments

Do whack in a screenshot or info for other banks!


I saw in the chase status page they are closed most of the early hours :frowning:


Looks like Chase is down from 1am to 7am:

Planned work: Sunday 1am-7am


On Sunday morning, we’ll be doing some work to our payment systems.

Any payments coming in will be held in a queue and you won’t be able to make payments until the work is finished. Your card will work as normal.

Posted 4 hours ago. Oct 30, 2021 - 10:24 BST


Here’s RBS

And Barclays:

Away from my phone so can’t check other apps right now. Atom normally go down too I think, but no indication from them. Nothing from Marcus either, but they’re always doing stuff at the weekend anyway.


It seems a bit pathetic doesn’t it? changing on clocks on servers/PC’s are automatic, Mainframes I don’t believe are automatic

I wonder if Monzo use IBM/SunMicrosystem Mainframes

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Do you mean Chase? If so, they’re reportedly using 10X:

From the 10X website:

Making banking
10x better.

The world’s most powerful cloud native banking platform.

(One would have to wonder, 10x better than what exactly?)

There's even a graphic

If you did mean Monzo, then no mainframes included: I think it’s mostly micro-services written in Go and hosted on AWS (I’m hoping that someone like @brandonskerritt will correct me if I’m wrong!).

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It’s very common for neobanks to use a banking-as-a-service provider. I think even Starling uses a BAAS for their payments processing:

Monzo is entirely in-house as a fun fact :slight_smile:

But yes, we have ~3000 microservices all in Go on Kubernetes. Our Kubernetes cluster is hosted on AWS, the entire bank mostly lives in AWS :slight_smile:


I thought Starling whitelabelled their own platform for BaaS?

You have got that the wrong way around. Starling are OFFERING bass, not the other way.


If we take the jargon out if it, yes, Starling provides a BaaS (banking as a service) product. And has its own direct connections to things like faster payments (which are referenced in @brandonskerritt’s link).

They do, though, consume other services which are BaaS-like, if not BaaS. For example, I think they use a third party for payment processing (it was GPS - it might still be).

If you look at Dozens, they provide an aggregated BaaS service - basically orchestrating existing BaaS-like components into something that looks a bit like a bank (Clear Bank, Marqueta…).

So basically these things aren’t quite as clear cut as they sometimes seem.

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Yup! They use GPS :slight_smile: I was tryna reference this tweet:


Hopefully, we don’t get a bunch of people here trying to make this a massive issue with the high street banks despite the fact most people won’t notice anything.


Worst banks ever when they do this, years and years back Halifax would take its ATM network offline at around 2am on a Saturday night / Sunday morning. No chance of getting money out when you needed a taxi back home, steaming with a doner kebab in one hand.

Edit - wouldn’t affect me these days, if I do go out I don’t tend to leave the pubs and clubs until 6am 🤦

In the past Lloyds Bank Cashpoints™ would go offline every night for about half an hour just after midnight, with something like a four hour outage EVERY Sunday morning.

I agree with @Peter_G, it’s less the inconvenience for me (as I’m usually asleep, though I did used to work nights in my current job) but more the fact that in the modern world, this is just a signal that the tech side of most banks is just an unstable pile of shit bolted on top of decades–old COBOL mainframe. At some point, most high street banks are going to have to bite the bullet and upgrade, yet seem to be constrained by traditional thinking in the boardroom.


Due to essential maintenance faster payments made in Santander between 11pm and 2pm may not show in the recipient account until after this window

Do not reattempt during this time

essential maintenance :rofl:


21st century maybe not. emphasised text

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1:50am and can’t access NatWest.

I can access Monzo, Starling, Revolut, Chase (albeit with a Planned Work notice), Capital One, and Curve just fine.


Being that 1:50am occurred twice last night, was that 1:50am BST or 1:50am GMT?



(1:50am GMT)


AIB bank always make internet banking unavailable at 3am uk time for a short while think that’s when they do updates to their system every night and after that outgoing payments like standing orders direct debits show up

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