Household category

I know custom categories seems to be some taboo subject but how about a household category? We’ve just sorted a gardener to come mow the lawn twice a month and we’ll be paying by bank transfer, it doesn’t really suit any of the existing categories but I imagine it’s a type of cost that many people would have.

Customer categories are being worked on in some form or another from my understanding. Personally I’d put a Gardner under bills

Personally I think the “Bills” category should be renamed “Household”.

I’d go with bills being renamed to household, a gardener doesn’t really feel like a bill, neither does the window cleaner (if he’ll take payment by bank transfer, plan to ask him next time)

We don’t pay our regular bills so it could sit in hills anyway and wouldn’t really matter, just nice to have things making sense

I’d like a Household category, but would be using it for purchases like cleaning products, kitchen roll, and other things of that nature, so I’d still like to retain Bills as a separate category.

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