Hope Monzo are on top of the intel bug

Coming out of embargo very soon!

Plenty of patching hosts for me coming up soon!
Don’t think this would affect Monzo as the majority of the infrastructure is hosted on AWS. The AWS hypervisors are getting an automatic update this weekend I think. The update would also be invisible to the customer.


Yeah AWS is getting an emergency patch this week, as is Azure.

Everyone else has a lot of upgrading to do, and there are uncertainties like will windows 7 (currently on extended support) get patched. Apple have been silent about OSX too.

There are x86 phones out there too… what fun.

Yes, already patched in macOS apparently

Interesting firefighting there… but knowledge of kernel internal data, combined with creative use of rowhammer, would be a pretty complete hack… so it’s irrelevant that this bug doesn’t let you modify data.

There’s a reason people are scrambling to implement a patch with with such a huge performance impact (which has been benchmarked on actual production hardware, btw, it’s not speculation)… because the risk of not doing it is worse.

“Intel believes its products are the most secure in the world”… hahahaha…