Exciting Suprise?

Has anyone worked out what the suprise is yet. Had another update this morning but everything looking the same?

I was assuming it’s the not so surprising a year in monzo 2020?

It was the Year in Monzo thing.


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Welcome to last week!


Cries in Dark Mode


I also had that same update this morning. Weird the same release notes as Monday’s update were used if the surprise indeed was the year in Monzo thing.

I think it might have been an issue on Apple’s side, because i had a bunch of updates this morning that I am 100% sure had already been installed.
Brings me back to that time a few months ago that there was an issue with the app certificates (or similar) and Apple had to push the updates again?

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There are rumours circling that the re-release of a lot of iOS Apps is to fix a workaround that worked on M1 Macs that allowed them to side-load apps that have opted out of being able to be installed on M1 macs.

It’s therefore assumed Apple repackaged + updated something within each app - which forced a new update. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the explanation, I’ll keep wishing for dark mode :sweat_smile:

Does Year in Monzo constitute a surprise?
Hasn’t it been happening for at least two prior years?

Yes, but many new people have joined in the last year, that might not have experienced it before, or people may have forgotten.


I’m assuming it was Year in Monzo…

… but perhaps @AlanDoe or @cookywook could confirm?


It was!


I was hoping it was Dark Mode :crescent_moon: :joy:


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