High Risk Transactions?

Just tried to make a £10 transfer (tried twice) to Revolut . Failed both times . Payment was classed as “High Risk” by Monzo. Really???

Or is it they just don’t like playing with a close competitor? If so, very juvenile.

I planned to use both Monzo and Revolut for day to day transactions. Stopping this transfer seems bizarre and suggests Monzo’s security systems aren’t as mature as they should be.

Hi Michael, welcome to the community.

What do you mean by high risk transaction? It could be simply the warning screen you get before you make a payment to a new payee (that you can dismiss)?

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Possibly more likely to do with Revolut being heavily involved in crypto currency opposed to just sending funds.

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Yes, Monzo stop you giving money to a non-bank because they see them as a rival and your £10 could tip Monzo over the edge and catapult Revolut into Apple levels of profit. It’s all very serious.

Lord only knows what happens if you transfer to Starling.


High risk because confirmation of payee fails? Rev also give this warning if you put a name in that doesn’t match

If you’re sure it’s ok then just ignore the warning and send it

The messages I got said that the payment could not be made. There was no option to continue with the payment.

I contacted Monzo for help and that was when I was told the payments were declined because they were high risk.

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Then there isn’t much more you can do from the sounds of it :man_shrugging:

What are you looking for here if you’ve already had this response? We’re all customers just like you so we can’t really help and you’re the first to report anything like this.

Perhaps send a follow up comment asking for Monzos advice in app.

Not heard anyone mention that message before

Wonder what was so bad it triggered it? :thinking:

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Are you transferring to your account in Revolut? Or an account you’ve been asked to transfer to - ie, is it a suspected fraudulent account? :thinking:

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Payment was to my account.
Purpose in raising it here was to see if other people had encountered same problem.

As I’ve said I’ve already tried Monzo help who were the ones saying it was high risk.

Agree doesn’t seem to be much else I can do. Just very disappointed with the Monzo response.

I have not used Revolut for a while… but can’t you add funds to it via your card? I know I certainly used to be able to with my Monzo card via Apple Pay.

You’ve triggered some internal system to protect you. No one will be able to say why this as happened because of financial crime rules. That’ll be why the staff on chat can’t really say much either.


I pay into my Revolut account from Monzo just fine so this is definitely weird.
Something else has been triggered, it’s not a Monzo Vs Revolut thing.

Is this a card payment? If so, was your card frozen immediately after attempting the payment?

Just to be clear I was processing the payment via both apps. The card wasn’t frozen
I’m reluctant to start trying different values in case Monzo freeze my account. I seem to recall, they (and others I think) had some bad press a while ago about freezing customer accounts incorrectly, possibly because their fraud systems were a tad over sensitive.

Anyway, thanks for all the comments on this, much appreciated.

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This feels… unlikely.

Banks don’t (yet) fully police your transfers - though they are putting up ever more frantic “ARE YOU BEING FRAUDED?” notices that everyone becomes desensitised to but serve to prove liability transfer.

I’d be very interested to see the chat / screen where this was rejected.


Here you go. This is the chat message I received from the Monzo help centre.

"Thanks so much for your patience.

Unfortunately, we can’t approve this payment because our system has flagged it as a high risk transaction. We would suggest using an alternative form of payment to make this transaction if you still wish to."

It says payment - were you using a card or faster payments?

Faster payment.

Also, this is the kind of publicity I was referring to.

But that’s about closed accounts, not refusing to allow transfers. And there’s no evidence that they were incorrectly frozen