High Risk Transactions?

@dan5, I know you can’t talk about specific cases, but does Monzo ever refuse to execute faster payments instructions?

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A bit more context then, I think not just closed accounts ???

That’s a completely separate issue to the closed accounts, as far as I can tell.

Did you see the recent news about NatWest, by the way?


To be fair; you generally must have done something mildly dodgy to have your account blocked, and most certainly confirmed if you weren’t allowed your account back.

Anyway, we are drifting off my problem I think.

All I want to understand is why I couldn’t transfer £10 :joy:.

I will follow it up separately with Monzo. Thanks for all your input

No links you have posted have anything to do with what you’re saying.


Ah we’re back to Monzo stole my Money.

I doubt chat agents will be able to narrow it down for you, really does sound like a financial crime protection, which they can’t disclose about.

As others have managed to send money to accounts they have, it’s not a full on block. It’s something your specific account has managed to trigger.

Not much more insight anyone will get in regards to this in all honesty. Hope you get it sorted though.

The only reason a faster payment gets declined is usually because the receiving bank’s system is down or because the account somebody is trying to send money to is unavailable (for lots of different reasons - we only get fairly generic decline messages).

On our side there are a few reasons we might block or hold a payment but that would always be accompanied by an in-app message or notification which provides some additional context.


Thanks, Dan, good to know (and reassuring)!

And raises even more questions about this story :face_with_monocle:


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