Add 'Gift' Category

Add a new category to the spend options of “gift” - really useful as we head to xmas!


I’m sure this will get merged into an existing category thread :wink:

But in the mean time what I do for gifts / birthday presents, etc. is put them under shopping and then in the notes put a :gift: emoji there :smiley:

That way I can see all the gifts I’ve purchased via the search button :slight_smile:


great idea! thanks Marcus

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That’s the workaround I’m currently using, but it does defeat the whole purpose of having a category feature when there could be a Gifts category, and it doesn’t work so well with the Targets feature if you’d like to set a specific target for gifts.

Now I’ve been given a current account and I’ve started actively using it, I’m realising I’m perhaps a bit too generous throughout the month than I’d like to be, so it would be really good to have a Gifts category to be able to add a target for it and try to curb my spending in that area :sweat_smile: (or at least see just how much of an impact it has on my savings throughout the year).


I think it would be nice to make a new category called Gifts.

At the moment I am just using family category - but it’s not so useful if buying gifts for non family members, also it doesn’t distinguish between gifts and general family purschasss so ansepedate gifts category would be awesome.

I think it will be a useful feature :slight_smile: please vote and comment if you think it will be a useful category also.

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As Nexus mentioned earlier in the thread, I use the Shopping category for gifts & add a :gift: to the notes so that I can find those transactions using the search feature, which works fine for me.

I’m afraid Monzo revamped the categories recently (blog post) so I wouldn’t expect them to add this in the near future.

Thanks for sharing your idea though :raised_hands: I’ve moved your post to this topic so that we can keep all of the discussion in one place. I hope that’s ok!

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Thank you for bringing that to my attention :slight_smile: I will use that work around.

Also thanks for merging :slight_smile:

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I tried that with the :hamburger: emoji, however, using the search feature it brings up all trips to McDonald’s, whether we had burgers or not lol


Yeah that’s pretty annoying if you’re using this workaround. Those hidden emoji are bit of ‘magic’ that isn’t consistent enough to be relied on & is probably only used by a small portion of users, as it’s so hidden :man_shrugging: you’ll have to try another emoji I’m afraid.

I’ve experienced a larger problem around “gifts” since using Monzo as my current account. While I try to pay for gifts on separate transactions, so I can add a #gift hashtag (now we have hashtags :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), there are cases when that isn’t convenient, so this workaround (whether it’s an emoji or a hashtag) just doesn’t work well. And it doesn’t take into account the other ways we spend money on other people, like when we buy rounds.

What we really need is one of the following features (in order of what I think would work best):

  • A way to add notes or hashtags to parts of a transaction (so we could say £13.65 of this transaction was spent on drinks for other people, or £20 of this transaction was a book as a gift for a friend).
  • A way to split transactions into sub-transactions.
  • A way to split transactions into other top-level transactions.

Because right now there is just no way to accurately track how much money we’re spending on other people with Monzo, and to accurately search for that to see a total.

Could you share some examples?

I wasn’t thinking of those types of ‘gifts’ here (my tip definitely isn’t the perfect solution for every situation).

Splitting transactions is a popular idea, there’s been some more discussion about that here -

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I’m having to tag Christmas gifts as “Family”. It would be great if there was a “Gifts” category :gift:


I’d love a gift category. Both for outgoing and incoming payments.