Hi! Can someone make a deposit to my account from the US?

(Milagros Martinez Aguirre) #1

Wich are the options to recive money in my Monzo Account from someone who is in North Carolina, USA?

(Jack) #2


Currently there isn’t a way to do this :slightly_frowning_face: although they are looking to allow this in the near future. Your best bet would be for them to either use Monzo.me or for you to use a service such as www.transferwise.com

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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As Jack said this is not possible, you could try Starling they love international transactions.

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(Milagros Martinez Aguirre) #4

A lot! Thank you very much.

(Milagros Martinez Aguirre) #5

I will chek on that too, thank you!

(Marcel Ruhf) #6

Only if the sender or their bank converts it to GBP or EUR first - otherwise, the transaction bounces.

(Milagros Martinez Aguirre) #7

Im planing yo visit España, can I make a deposit to my account there?

(Marcel Ruhf) #8

I would use TransferWise for international incoming/outgoing transactions until Monzo support incoming payments, hopefully in September.

(David Newland) #9

Hello, I’m new to Monzo and very much looking forward to joining the community.

I’m based in the UK and wanted to know if I can receive money from someone with a US bank account. I currently have Nat West and have to supply my IBAN number and I get charged for receiving the money.

So can I receive money in to my Monzo account from someone with a US account and if so what are the fees?

Many thanks

UK/ US Money Transfer
(Jack) #10

Hi @Piemagic ,

I moved your post here as there was a recent discussion about the same topic. Unfortunately you can’t at the moment, find out more info here: https://monzo.com/blog/2018/07/24/receiving-international-payments/
or read above :point_up:

Hope what helps :slight_smile: