Hi! Can someone make a deposit to my account from the US?

Wich are the options to recive money in my Monzo Account from someone who is in North Carolina, USA?


Currently there isn’t a way to do this :slightly_frowning_face: although they are looking to allow this in the near future. Your best bet would be for them to either use Monzo.me or for you to use a service such as www.transferwise.com

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As Jack said this is not possible, you could try Starling they love international transactions.

Hello this is Microsoft Support

A lot! Thank you very much.

I will chek on that too, thank you!

Only if the sender or their bank converts it to GBP or EUR first - otherwise, the transaction bounces.

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Im planing yo visit España, can I make a deposit to my account there?

I would use TransferWise for international incoming/outgoing transactions until Monzo support incoming payments, hopefully in September.

Hello, I’m new to Monzo and very much looking forward to joining the community.

I’m based in the UK and wanted to know if I can receive money from someone with a US bank account. I currently have Nat West and have to supply my IBAN number and I get charged for receiving the money.

So can I receive money in to my Monzo account from someone with a US account and if so what are the fees?

Many thanks

Hi @Piemagic ,

I moved your post here as there was a recent discussion about the same topic. Unfortunately you can’t at the moment, find out more info here: https://monzo.com/blog/2018/07/24/receiving-international-payments/
or read above :point_up:

Hope what helps :slight_smile:

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