Help us test physical Flex cards 👀

@TomMills I seem to have missed out on having the flex physical card. Is there going to be another wave of offering this service? I really would like one


No, there’s going to be an announcement soon

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My physical card came in really handy unexpectedly over the weekend. One of my dogs hurt herself and had to be taken to the out-of-hours vet late at night. As I dashed out the door I grabbed my card and was able to spread this unexpected big cost really easily.

I didn’t have to worry about a contactless limit on the vets payment machine and I didn’t have to move money out my savings to cover it first then flex it later.


Glad to hear it! And hope doggo is recovering well :heart:


Thank you, she seems a little brighter today so fingers crossed! :blush:


We’re rolling out physical cards :credit_card:

Firstly, thanks for helping us test the cards. It helps us get really quick feedback and spot any bugs. You probably don’t get to see it as you already have the features, but we’re able to update journeys and words in the app really quickly and the product is undoubtably better thanks to your feedback.

We’ve wrapped up the physical cards test and I’m excited to say we’re going to roll them out to all new and existing Flex users. From today we’re starting to roll the cards out to existing customers. We’re spreading this over a number of weeks so we don’t drive a sudden spike in orders to our card supplier. But if you want to get to the front of the queue, I suggest you sign up for early access to the default plan feature and we’ll see what we can do :eyes:

We rolled out Pay in Full to all users a few weeks ago too. So soon all Flex users will have the option to have a physical card and pay in full :rocket:

We’re going to close this thread shortly, but please keep sharing your feedback and experiences with the card in the main Flex thread :pray:


Do we have to have a physical card? I don’t really want one. I can’t think of an instance where I would use the physical card over ApplePay.

If I get a card, it’s just a bit of waste really as I’ll chuck it in a drawer at home so can be a bit ‘greener’ in not producing if I can opt out.

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If you’re content not being able to use for certain things like hotels and car hire then I guess you can go without.


Yep, those are things I would use AMEX for.

I might be missing some ideas but I’ve managed for this long without a physical card - can’t think when I would use it.


Wonder if monzo will push it on your home screen or feed

Hiring a car abroad, and wanting to pay the deposit as a pre-auth on your credit card. There are a lot of countries where you will need a physical card for this.


Nope, it’s up to you whether you order one or not.


Great! I read it as they would just automatically be sent.

Thanks for confirming!

If only the Monzo Debit card was like that! that may lead to issue with potential fraud though? is that why it was stopped in the first place? When I signed up, I was able to use my card before getting my physical one, but that got removed

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The first card proves you’re you and getting it to the correct address.

As you’ve already confirmed that part, you don’t need to do it again for Flex.


Ah, that makes sense! so, yes, it was removed for fraud reasons


We still actually offer this, its called Same Day Monzo but like you mentioned its more often than not customers have to wait to activate their card before using the app.


Opened my card today, came in the nick of time because I’m going to a hotel tomorrow so will be able to avoid any potential Apple Pay/Contactless issues!

It was even more neon-y that I was expecting from the photos, almost had to throw some shades on :sunglasses:

My card looks fine, no obvious defects or anything.


Are Physical Cards open to everyone now?

My wife was able to order one after opening a new flex account but I don’t see the option to order it in my Monzo app.

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