Have a friends / family loan section

I am requesting this is because I often forget how much I’ve lent someone over time especially when they are family members!

If I am lending some interest-free money to a specific friend or family member. It would be great to have a separate page listing them and then when they pay us back we can link it back to that loan.

(Optional) An add on bonus to that would be even better is if Monzo allowed us to create a contract between the individuals so that the money is protected.

You could use a spreadsheet.

I just can’t see what Monzo would have to gain by building this.


Im not sure , no, Im probably certain Monzo wouldn’t want to get in to any contractual agreements between you and your friends / family members , and would assume it would be against their banking licence terms with the regulator .


You could buy whatever it is you are lending the money for then do a 100% bill split. The downside to this is they would need to replay it all in one sum.

I’d personally use something like Google Keep for this. Easiest thing to keep updated with notes etc.

You could transfer them the money then send them a request for the same amount of funds. If sent money requests start appearing in the Share section of the app, then you’d be able to keep track of the unpaid amount there.

You can vote for the ability to track pending money requests here:

Alternatively, you could transfer them the money and then set up a Shared Tab to track their repayments:

  • Create Shared Tab and add the amount they owe you as a custom bill.
  • Every time they pay you some of it back, you can add another custom bill to reduce the amount they owe.

You could always create a pot with a target amount of what’s owed, and each time they pay some, add it back into that pot until its full


I don’t think this is a problem Monzo can solve. As I see it, you could either go down one of two ways:

  1. Accept that when you lend money you may never see it back again. As you’ve mentally written it off at that point, any you do get paid back to you can be seen as a bonus.

  2. If you can’t afford to write off money you lend (or don’t want to write it off), then you need to always do so with a written contract. It doesn’t need to be overly complex, but should at least contain the most important bits of information - the parties involved, the sums involved, and any repayment conditions that should be met.

Broadly, something like “I, [name] agree to lend [name] [£sum]. This is to be repaid by [date] / At the rate of £5 a month / Repayments to be made monthly until cleared, or [date] at which point any remaining balance owing must be paid in full.”

Then use a simple spreadsheet - could even draw it up on paper rather than in a computer - to track repayments.

(IANAL, I’ve just watched daytime TV (Judge Rinder, specifically) when I’ve been home sick. And personally, on the rare occasions I’ve lent money myself, it has always been under the 1st circumstance.)

If you feel the need to have a contract to lend money then that is a big red flag. I personally wouldn’t lend any money to that individual :grimacing: