Summary of all monies requested

When I pay for things for a number of friends (eg. meals, concert tickets etc.), I often just use Monzo to “split the bill”. Or I can provide links for those (losers) who are not on Monzo.
It would be great to be able to see all these requests summarized in a single screen (for example Payments > Requests) so that I can easily track who has / has not reimbursed me yet - currently I have to remember which bill was split, open it, and then get the list of friends. Not ideal…


Looks like this new feature is what you need :wink:

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Nah, not quite. Share Tabs is useful for things like events or holidays where a group of friends basically contribute all together to shared expenses for a limited duration. Or for housemates.
I’m talking about irregular one-offs with various people who have nothing or little to do with each other. A colleague who owes me some cash I lent him. A friend who I bought a concert for. A few ex-colleagues who I had dinner with. That kind of thing


There definitely needs to be a place in the app where you can view all pending bill spits etc…

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I totally agree with you. One of the things we’re looking into is the possibility of having some sort of “inbox” for notifications so you could keep track of all the pending things that need your attention.

On top of that we would let you snooze those requests so you could literally say “Remind me again next Monday”, or “Remind me on the next payday”.

Here’s a screenshot of some of the early explorations for this…


Excellent call on breakfast at Lantana :+1:

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I need something along these lines, for every Monzo me request I’ve sent I need to be able to see which have not been fulfilled. E.g. when generating a link I need to be able to say I need £20 each and I’m expecting 5 payments to total £100. This way I don’t have to remember who has not paid me. I would be able to see them all on one screen. Also the limits should be increased but a fee introduced if that’s the barrier for bigger transactions.