Net income between specified dates

Hi all,

I recently went on holiday with someone. Throughout the week we sent each other money to pay for various things/split bills.

I’ve tagged all the payments with a specific tag for that holiday. I can see that it gives me the total of everything I’ve spent, but I can’t seem to find a way to get the overall net total including the money I’ve been sent.

Is there a way to do this, or find the overall total of incoming and outgoing payments between two dates?

Thanks in advance.

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When searching, it should show you at the very bottom of the screen how much was set, and how much was received?

You should be able to search between dates, for someone in particular etc. etc.

If I search the tag, I get the total I’ve spent and the average spend showing at the bottom, but it doesn’t show total I’ve spent minus total I’ve been sent.

Have you tagged in the inbound transactions with the same tag?

Yup, they appear in the search.

As an example, there are the incoming payments and out going payments all showing from the tag search, but only total spent showing at the bottom. (There are more transactions not shown in the screenshot)

Ah, looks like we’ve got another iPhone/Android disparity

On iPhone it shows you the total spent and the total received

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Oh… That’s kind of dissapointing. So there’s no way to do it…?

I think this used to work on Android though. I remember marking every cancelled flight and hotel with #Covid19 when that was breaking news. I remember the satisfaction of seeing that total going down as I tagged the refunds!!