Has anyone ever used RegDiary?

I made a booking on a restaurant site it said the provider is RegDiary however it asked for my card information and my dob and address.

Have I just fallen for a scam/provided dangerous information?

Do you mean ResDiary? (https://www.resdiary.com/)

If so, they’re a completely legit restaurant booking engine. The card info is taken to secure your booking, and also so the restaurant can nominally charge you a “deposit” fee if you no-show.


Why would they need your date of birth and address though? Highly unnecessary.

Even for an active card check they could just use the post code.

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Maybe if it’s a bar/restaurant you have to be over 18 to book a table :man_shrugging: Just a guess.

They can then use an age verification service to check if you’re old enough.


And address for track and trace :+1:t3:


Or if it’s really RegDiary you’ve been done. Cancel your cards and change your date of birth quick!


That’s the website yes, however it was through the restaurants site but had a RegDiary widget

That’s what made me curious. I used a virtual card anyway for safety

Someone told me it’s because of Covid and when you’ve finished they just charge the card on the account since RegDiary saves all card information to the restaurants payment system rather than accepting cash

Used that site before to book a table at a restaurant, good service, not a problem.

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