Some interesting ideas, have to see if it gains traction at all outside of China.

HarmonyOS started life as a TV OS, to create opportunities for seamless casting and fluid movement across devices, so a user could be on a video call on their phone, cast it to a TV in the kitchen, then continue it in the living room. After that, they could take a phone call, moving from room to room, with the call following them around jumping from one smart speaker to another.

A new Task Center feature also allows you to use apps on different devices without having them installed on each one. For example, you could play a game on your smartphone and then transfer it to a HarmonyOS tablet without having to redownload the app

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And in the real world, use your phone - and not on speakerphone either. At least then the rest of the house hear only one side of the convo, as opposed to the whole thing :weary:


That’s for old fuddy people, might as well just get a string and a can

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Interesting. Honestly there’s no chance I would run any computer or device off an OS from Huawei. Wouldn’t really recommend anyone else did that either. But, the mobile OS market do with some disruption.