Removing reliance on Google play services ( Yes another thread!)

Hi all,

Yes this is another thread on removing the Monzo android app’s reliance on Google.

Windows 11 will support android apps natively but via the Amazon app store, with the huge market share windows has they’ll be alot of demand for the app on windows I suspect.

Other benefits include it will hopefully will be easier to make it available on Huawei store, if this new windows feature massively pushes developers to make their app available without Google play services I can see other OEMs dropping Google and the demand for the monzo app in alternative stores will be much higher.

Edit to add;
I noticed my Monzo android app doesn’t use Google play services for notifications which seemed to be the main pain point for Huawei users, had this recently changed?

I didn’t notice any changes :thinking:, yet :see_no_evil:

Still, supporting your offer/idea :nerd_face:

“If” doing a lot of heavy lifting there

I could see more apps degrading more gracefully without Google Play Services being present, but the benefits of their inclusion must be worth it


I don’t think Monzo would allow their app on windows either way. Apple did something similar with macOS in that iOS apps can now be run natively on mac without the need for the developer to do anything. Monzo’s app would work, but they’ve elected not to make it available. I suspect they’ll treat windows the same way.


This is relative: yes, Windows has a huge market share in PCs, but compared with mobile phones I’d be surprised if it’s more than a rounding error (globally). I tend to agree with @SouthseaOne that there’s little chance app developers (and Monzo in particular) are going to rewrite their apps to make them run on Windows 11.


It’s not usually a total rewrite as they are natively supported, but it then gives them the potential of the Amazon, windows and Huawei markets , I think developers will start working on removing reliance on Google play services personally.

Although I’ve just thought that web access to personal accounts would make this mostly moot for Monzo at least.

Like anything, time will tell.