(Eve) #1

After @Victor.S’s thread on artwork and my remark that my handwriting was different from the sort of brush pen lettering I did, I thought it would be cool to see handwriting comparisons!

I think handwriting reveals a lot about your personality and often try to guess how someone’s writing would be like. The forum is all text, so I really can’t tell :woman_shrugging:t2:

Grab a pen and some paper and fire off your best handwriting vs how quickly you can write the sentence :fire:
The sentence is “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”.

Here’s mine!


You know what I just realised I had not written anything with a pen on actual paper for quite a long time. All my notes at work or home everything is digital on my phone or computer.

(Eve) #3

I like how you write ‘q’, it’s a letter that slows me down a lot. I might have to copy that for future rushed notes :eyes:

(Andy) #4

My handwriting is comparable to Egyptian hyroglyphs…

(James) #5

Ended up trying to write the second sentence far too fast initially and missing out letters from words… :man_facepalming: So here’s my second attempt for both!

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #6

@evangelskies Your handwriting is exactly as I expected it to look. I especially like your strong diagonals from the k and x.

@SC95 I handwrite a lot, as I’m mobile at work.

Both my sentences are virtually the same, except ‘quick’ looks like ‘guide’ in my fast attempt, and my p, y and g descenders are less controlled.

Anyone have any other observations?

(Jorge) #8

Here’s mine! You can also tell I’m left-handed :stuck_out_tongue:

Also my quick handwriting really sucks but I never write in a hurry. Writing with a ball pen is soooo pleasurable :stuck_out_tongue:

(Andy) #9

Yes it’s just a joy to write for us lefties! I do avoid writing these days!

(Eve) #11

@jdnicholas I had to rewrite it too as I got nervous and wrote “the quack” :joy:

@j06 thanks :sparkles: I want to make my k look more elegant/ fit in better but it often slows me down. I’ve given up :joy: I used to write a lot, but I’m out of practice now as I’ve not had a lecture in awhile. Your handwriting looks a lot like an authority figure tbh. I’ve seen a few. Like a teacher or a cop :joy: I’ve never seen 'g’s written like that.

@glasgow I read the first line and thought it wasn’t too bad, you were too harsh on yourself… and saw the second. It is unintelligible😢

@jrlagerman love the 'f’s and 'b’s!

(Jorge) #12

Thanks! I think what I’m most proud of my handwriting is my capital P’s which you can only write if you’re left handed because it’s a very unnatural wrist movement for right handed people #golefties

(Eve) #13

It is grand :raised_hands:t3: one of my friend does calligraphy as a profession and she’s a leftie- it’s tough work! I love capitals R L G and lowercase l t f. They’re so fun to write! Do you have a fave letter?

(Jorge) #14

Probably “f” depending on how high and low you go it can look pretty majestic :stuck_out_tongue:

( surohpotsirhC - The thinking man's Troll) #15

My handwriting is atrocious. Always has been and it’s got even worse since I left school. Rarely write anything. When I do I end up writing in capital letters so it’s legible.

(Michael) #16

I barely write anything these days…

(Liam W) #17

Well, this is going to be embarrassing… just bear in mind that I can’t actually remember the last time I wrote with a pen…

And I was actually trying harder than usual on this as well…

(Eve) #18

“The geek bum Jejibs weith lny lez”

(Kevyn) #19

Here is a scanned sample of my handwriting!

Not great, but I’ve never had good handwriting. As I now have to teach handwriting, trying helplessly to be neat in front of 30 pairs of critical eyes daily, I decided to improve my own handwriting and have been practicing a specific style I researched in 2016. Its unsurprisingly hard to change your handwriting! :sweat_smile:

(Tony Hoyle) #20

You all have such good handwriting!

Mine is so bad my teachers used to joke I should become a doctor because nobody could read it. Luckily since the advent of computers I’ve not had to ‘write’ anything that anyone else needed to read in… gosh… years.

(Change Works) #21

My teachers took a more violent approach. It didn’t work, my handwriting is appalling.

(Jack) #22

Typing is my method of communication :keyboard: