Calling all Artists - Share your work!


A few years ago I picked up an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and began drawing after years of nothing and it was the most relaxing thing I looked forward to doing! :man_artist:t5:

My plan was always to see how far I could develop and take my style of digital art but as always, life got in the way until recently!

Talking to fellow artists and creatives has encouraged me to charge the ol’ iPad and Pencil and get back to it and its been invaluable talking and sharing with other artists!

So here’s a piece I did a few years ago using iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and Sketches Pro app!

Please share your work too! :grinning:

(Lancelot Payne) #2

Dude you’re an awesome Artist would love to see more work :slight_smile: I’m not an artist myself but always appreciate other artists work.

(Jack) #3

Gifted !

I know of someone who also draws on their iPad Pro. I’ll try and point them in this direction.

(Danny) #4

That’s well good!!

I’m actually a top selling artist and have sold my pieces all over the world. Some have likened my work as a cross between Banksy and Picasso.

I have just finished my latest piece, I hope you all enjoy. I call it Monzo Init



Can this be framed and protected before Vandals get to it?!

(Eve) #6

Wow you’ve been keeping that gift quiet! :heart_eyes: That’s absolutely amazing!!


Thank you! :grinning: Just waiting for other artists to share! :eyes:

(Marcel Ruhf) #8

Not one myself, but here is one of my sister’s paintings.

(Simmy) #9

A few months ago i started a photoshop course…


All very talented artists my drawing is like a five year old.


That’s amazing! :anguished:Where can se see her work?!


I tried that once and was so lost! :sweat_smile:Amazing work! What else have you done?!

(Simmy) #13

Will post some later

The course is on Groupon like £15

(Richard Cook) #14

Send this in and we’ll put it on the fridge.

(Simmy) #15

(Danny) #16

That piece has gone but I just created another one just for Monzo, it’s called Monzo Shrek Init.



I drew a bird.


(Eve) #18

Does calligraphy count? I love the challenge of nibs but don’t have any recent pictures. Might break out my inks and dip pens this weekend.

(Marcel Ruhf) #19

Oh it’s just a hobby of hers, so just in my living room.

(Sufi) #20

I am NOT an artist. I am one of those who just have not got it. But I love art.

This is my wife’s work.

And here is our daughter 2 and a half but I can see talent :smiley: