Race to Z

Time: 6.775s


Z made me think of Ukraine. Sad times.


Time: 7.615s

Looking at the timing chart, I got a bit lost after ‘q’. :grimacing:

ETA: had a few more goes, got it down to Time: 6.626s.

Time: 5.785s

It’s after ‘q’ that I struggle too

Got it down to Time: 5.024s and now im just getting slower

Time: 5.758s

I had about 8 attempts to beat you @Addzy :smiley:

After U then it’s a real mystery.

I wonder if we’d do better with a DVORAK keyboard.

Time: 5.349s

Giving up now!

It’s really frustrating when you think you’re on a good run and look up to see the text box has “AB” in it :frowning:

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5.635 so far

Having said that I just did 4.504 :exploding_head:

I can’t even get under 12s :upside_down_face:

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6.635s on first attempt. 4.842s on my second - for some reason my brain momentarily paused at W (took .6 seconds for V to W: all the rest were .2s or less).

Probably 4 minutes


not even going to attempt it im dyslexic

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5.71. My brain seems to glitch at/after W :laughing:

Time: 13.900s, but I can’t touch type so that was expected.

Also I can only sing the alphabet song to myself to remember the order so fast

8.437 i ain’t typed anything up in years lol


Also not a touch typer. And somebody stole V and W and it took some time to find where they were hidden


Abysmal: After about 5 attempts, best I did was 14.285 :see_no_evil:

10 seconds on an iPad keyboard

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I was around the 6 second mark until I pasted the alphabet into the URL bar to copy. Not sure if that’s cheating!

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7.63s on an iPhone mini after about the 4th attempt. First one was 12 or so as threw o in the middle of the m and n for some reason.