Halifax taking 45 days to START a chargeback

Unlike Monzo, and other banks, Halifax have told me they take 45 working days (around 2.5 months) before they will start a chargeback. It’s then another 45 calendar days until they know whether they’ve won.

That’s a total of 4 months of stress.

Did you get the chargeback @urban ?

Hey Jamie, yes, it was finally sorted at the end of September. The retailer challenged the first chargeback because Halifax made an error in the dispute.

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It really did take that long, eh?

I had a terrible experience with a chargeback on my Halifax credit card - so if you are needing to do one yourself, good luck

Unfortunately yes.

I filed the dispute in early May, they didn’t get around to it until late June, then they made a mistake and so the chargeback was rejected at the start of August. Halifax said they wouldn’t proceed any further because I didn’t have a valid claim. I had to read the Mastercard rules myself and dispute Halifax’s version of events - which was insane.

They then filed a dispute based on my wording, which we won at the end of September.

So yes, a total and utter mess.

The only good thing about Halifax’s handling of it is that they put the disputed funds into your account as soon as they submit the chargeback (unlike Monzo who wait until the chargeback is won).

(Edited to get the dates correct!)

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What a mess! What did Halifax get wrong?

It was for an apartment rental that was not as described. And Halifax said that a “service not as described” is not a valid basis for a chargeback, so they didn’t put that bit in the chargeback (so of course it failed!). I had to read the rules myself to literally quote the line where it says it is, and force them to submit a second chargeback. Fun times.

This is pretty much the same thing my chargeback was about. Ultimately I gave up fighting and just swallowed the cost, I wish I had thought of reading the MasterCard guidelines myself!

Even if you’re too late to reopen that chargeback, another route is to make a complaint against the bank for providing a lack of support in the chargeback process (and essentially, making a mistake which cost you money). They’ll then escalate that through their disputes process - just make sure you let them know what resolution you want (ie compensation for the money they lost you). And if at the end of that process you’re not successful, take it to FOS.

I know it sounds like a lot of work, but it shouldn’t be more than one email. Try Resolver.

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