Halifax Flagship Branch

(Jonathon) #1


Halifax opened a new style branch - thoughts?

(Peter Shillito) #2

This sure looks like Metro Bank :thinking::thinking::thinking:

(Jonathon) #3

I’m wondering if banks will eventually reduce down to one or two of these “mega-branches” per major city, rather than smaller banks across the country.

(Ian Lyon) #4

I can’t help but feel this looks a bit like a game show set.

(Tim Chambers) #5

Either that, or they wanna start presenting the news from there. :joy:


What the. It looks like a kids play centre.

(Jack) #7

I like it! Seems more customer focused. But will people really go for a coffee in Halifax? :upside_down_face:.
Fair enough if you’re there to sort something out and they offer you a coffee while you wait. I wouldn’t actively go there though.

(Jonathon) #8

I don’t even think it’s free.

At least Virgin Money lounges provide free coffee as an incentive.

(Jonathon) #9


Could be a crucial point.

I wonder if the day-to-day banking will be available Sundays? I know Barclay’s had a store in Piccadilly Circus open Sundays but there was no counter service available.

(Jack) #10

(Jack) #11

I think this is the way it’s heading.

(Jonathon) #12

“Customers still value face-to-face”

Do we think this is true? Are banks like Monzo missing a trick by having no face-to-face relationships possible?


I like the idea and would probably visit to sit down. I guess that is the point. Get you in the branch and then suck you into thinking you may as well do your banking while you are there - ooo lets buy a house too.

(Jack) #14

Yes and no. I think there’s a percentage of the population out there that do and that’s fine. But Monzo may not cater to them and they won’t to everyone. There’s many more who aren’t bothered by it and Monzo will suit them better.


I’d rather there be no need for face to face discussion. The products should be easy to understand and unproblematic in the first place.

(Sacha) #16

To be fair, if I had to go into a branch for something, getting a free coffee would be nice touch which would probably more than pay for itself in terms of good PR/marketing.

Other than maybe getting a mortgage, I’m not sure I see any real benefit from face-to-face relationships though.

(Jonathon) #17

A free coffee works wonders. I’m amazed at how often it makes a difference in your perception of a company. Waitrose hit off on it (they didn’t control it very well but still) and other companies should follow suit.

It’s the little things often. The biggest issue I had with British Airways removing free catering from European flights wasn’t the food being charged - it was just the coffee. Super cheap to them and worth a lot, PR-wise.


It will be interesting if this style of bank becomes successful whether banks can start taking market share away from coffee shops.


Maybe rather than spending money on a branch they’d better make their products, web interface & app good enough so that there is no longer a need for a branch?

(Herp Derp) #20

Same as Metrobanks opening times