Anyone got a braun electric shaver?

Mine doesn’t seem to cut any hair unless the extension is pulled out like in the picture

Looking at the box and videos on YouTube it’s supposed to cut hair both ways… Any ideas?

The answer is here. :+1:


I have a Braun of a similar design. It only cuts when the cutter is extended.

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Thanks dude I had Googled extensively and couldn’t find any info… but it appears it isn’t faulty after all, it only cuts when the bit is extended

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That’s a bizarre design if true. The cutter is normally a separate function.

I know. I tried it on my arms and it gave a really close shave to be fair. But shaving my upper lip with it extended will be interesting.

I thought the extension was only for long hair so I’m confused

Doesnt shave anything with it down. But shaves well with it extended
I’ll have to wait until my facial hair grows and see how it goes.

Not the kind of thing you can take back to the shops if it’s been used that’s the problem

You absolutely can return it if it’s faulty, shaver or not.

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Fair enough
I just shaved my torso and chest perfectly well.

If it shaves my facial hair OK I’ll keep it :+1:t3:

@Ordog was right
Just contacted braun and it’s faulty. I’ll send it to them for repairs
Or should I take it back to boots and get a replacement?

Take it back to Boots for a replacement. Your contract is with the seller, not the manufacturer, after all. So is quicker and easier to get it sorted that way.

Which? have some good guides on this sort of thing.

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OK mate thanks
After much googling and YouTube there’s two modes. Trimmer and close shaver. The close shaver only works when the trimmer is extended and this is a fault according to braun, so at least I know now. It also has hundreds of positive reviews on amazon, boots and YouTube so I’m sure its a good one plus my barber recommended it to me.

I hope it’s not a bad batch as if that’s the case then a replacement will be obsolete?

It’s the nature of mass-market products that some duds will slip through.

Hopefully when you go to Boots for the replacement, they will have one that’s working fine. If not, you can keep asking for a replacement until you get one that works, or they give you a refund.

I once bought an action figure from Toys R Us (this was nearly 20 years ago, must be) which was clearly faulty as parts of it fell off while it was simply standing up. Took it back for an exchange, same problem. Took it back again and insisted on opening the figure at the counter to check it was OK. I think we got through eight different figures which all ranged from bad to awful before they gave me a refund instead. Part of me felt bad for opening what must have been almost all their stock of that figure, but bloody hell it was awfully constructed. Now that really was a bad batch and a half.

tl;dr, the seller is expected to make right with you one way or another when the goods are faulty, no matter how much of an awkward customer you may feel you’re being.


I think I misunderstood your original post. I thought you were saying the side cutter only worked when extended. I didn’t realise you meant the top foil/close shaver didn’t work. If that’s the case then as you’ve found out from Braun it’s a fault.

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Thanks Dave
Are boots obliged to give me a replacement as it is faulty? Is there anything I should say / not say?

If the replacement is also dodgy should I just return it and get another model?

Good news
I replaced it for the model up and it works fine :+1:t3::grin:

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Glad to hear you got it sorted out, though I hope it didn’t cost too much more. :slight_smile:

Yes, in this case (as someone else pointed out) your contract of sale is with the seller and if you had a replacement that also failed you could take that back too as many times as needed until you get one that works.

You don’t have to deal with the manufacturer, even though they might offer a guarantee, as the product was faulty at the point of sale and therefore not fit for purpose.

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Only £25, i orginally had the 3040 and now have the 3080 and it’s brilliant.

One question though, what do you use the extendable trimmer for, is that for long hair ?

Generally for longer hair and areas with more covfefe


That was delicately put


Do you guys use these shavers for body hair? It works fine but braun advised they don’t " recommend it" I’ll contact them on Monday and ask why