Grouping budgets

I allocate an amount of “Unallocated fund” each month for the small things we dont really budget in like a coffee here and there or some fast food if i’m feeling peckish but not a full meal. I have a custom budget called Unallocated but its not as clean to see where in that Unallocated budget most of my funds are going.

It would be nice if we could create a budget that links multiple budgets under it.

So this would allow me to see my unallocated budget and under that:
Eating out (Custom budget)
Coffees (Custom budget)
Office (Small things i buy on the way in/out of the office)

I dont know if this is really a feature anyone else would use, any comments id love to hear.


As a plus or premium you can create categories and in turn label them and budget them like any other.