Add bespoke budget groups

Would be great to be able to add your own budget categories so that I can further group spending e.g. would love to have a drinking group so I can see how much I’m spending on booze.

Handy to be able to allocate certain spending under that category


Hi Vesna,

This is something thats been asked for alot here :blush:

There is a another thread thats been open for this for a while and just before christmas i believe @hugo made a statement saying it was indeed something that was being considered but unfortunately nothing more has been mentioned since.

Maybe one of the coral crew could join your thread into the existing one so that we have a consolidated point of contact on this :blush:

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Yeah, there’s really nothing to update about just yet but “solving budgets and categories” is the scope of some of the work we’re doing, we’ll be posting as soon as we have things to share and get feedback about. Hope it’s :soon::crossed_fingers: