Customisable budgets

Hi there apologies if this has already been floated but haven’t seen it. Could the budget categories be customised so we create our own? For example if I know I’ve got a birthday coming up and want to budget for this.

Also could the budget incorporate the committed spending as this is currently separate which makes it difficult to budget as it double counts.

It would be useful if the budget option worked like the everyday dollar function which ensures that every Dollar/pound is allocated to a budget item and it reported against the current amount.
I’m going to disable my budgeting function as it isn’t reporting the correct balance verses What is actually in the account.

Hope this makes sense. Many thanks

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This has been raised by alot of people.

@gmclean has been nice enough to share the link to the thread where this is, if you want this feature then id say vote on that thread to say youd like it :slight_smile: