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Hey Guys,

So due to some unfortunate family circumstances I’ll be moving back in with my family at some point which got me & my wife wondering, how can we have a centralised place for both couples to pay into for bills. Me & my wife obviously have a joint Monzo account & pots but my other family members wouldn’t have access to this. Just looking for inspiration or ideas really.

Hope all are well, all the best!

This isn’t really an answer to your question, as I’m not sure of such a thing existing.

But as a method of keeping track of things, I’ve always found Splitwise to be really helpful (the app is pretty good imo) and allows everyone to see what’s being paid for and how much they then owe.

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Sign them up!!

Can’t you create some sort of shared spending thing on Monzo for groups?

Don’t think there’s any way you’ll all be able to access a shared pot though…

EDIT: Shared tabs I mean - click on your account and then payments then share for options…


if they won’t sign up and change all their bills to monzo then I would suggest this app

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Talk about it between yourselves, agree a weekly/bi-weekly’monthly contribution figure and schedule transfers from your Monzo JA into to the family account (which obviously pays the bills for the home currently)

Doing it this way means no financial ties to anyone, is agreed beforehand and is as simple as possible.

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This is by far the simplest solution instead of asking everyone to change banks and learn new systems etc. I know I couldn’t convince my parents to do this.

Then if something outside of normal monthly expenditure occurs (washer breaking for example), just split that as a one off.

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