GPS Jamming and Location

Spent the weekend in Cyprus and my timeline is full of “Welcome to Cyprus” and “Welcome to Lebanon” messages, followed by the expected “Your trip to Lebanon”.

This is caused by the GPS jamming in the region. Made the post trip summary pointless, and was kinda annoying.

Shouldn’t this be addressed at the Cypriot government? What’s Monzo to do?


Is it GPS or could it be your mobile signal connecting to another over the water?

They were doing this in London a while ago, Google Maps had no idea where I was

The gps issues in Cyprus are widely noted by plenty of sites etc online.

It’s not a Monzo thing to sort, it’s not a bug it’s deliberate in that region.

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Understood. Hence why I reported it. Not a good outcome though. A possible solution is using actual transactions in the region.