Google Translator On Firefox

Hello friends. Over the last few days, I’ve been having a problem with my computer’s Firefox browser; That is, I can’t use Google Translator in Firefox. Can anyone help me with this?

You’ll need to explain in a little more detail what you’re trying to do and what the issue is if you’d like us to try and help.

There is a lot of knowledgeable folk on here so I’m sure with this information they can help you get to the bottom of it :slight_smile:

Did you Google the problem?

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This is an interesting first post on a fintech forum. Hope you can figure it out.

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You could try asking here. Less Monzo and more Mozilla

I wonder if it’s a case of autocorrect gone wild :laughing:

Did it ever work for you?

Do you mean going to , or translating a page as you are reading it?

If it’s typically just one language you translate I’m guessing you may have by mistake clicked never translate for me.

Call me a cynic, but I reckon within the next 48 hours a spam link will appear within the edited post.

Hello a cynic :wave:

Cure for cynicism


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The solution was a very basic user guide?

Well I was nearly right :sweat_smile: the link was just in a new post rather than the 1st edited