Google Sheets Export - Improvements/Fixes Please

Same here, I’m having to add this (and pot linked card subscriptions) manually until it’s fixed

Does anyone at Monzo actually care that their own premium product doesn’t work?

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This wasn’t mentioned in the mock-ups of future possible premium plans so I suspect not :cry:

I don’t think they do, no

And now the new pots for paying customers, removes the interest part that actually worked.

I feel like they are more likely to consider the feature broken and ditch it than do the right thing and fix it

Honestly, they are basically selling a broken offering as part of plus and premium when it isnt fit for purpose

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Can someone at Monzo please just take a quick look at the premium CSV export feature and fix it so that it includes interest payments? Please


Bumpity bump. Please fix the Google sheets export to include interest.


The interest payment aspect to this really needs fixing. Must be a tiny thing for you to fix but it’s really quite inaccurate without it.

Would really like the flex and interest feature fixed, since putting quite a bit of stuff on flex my spreadsheets are all a bit out of whack. It’s really frustrating losing this data if you pay directly on flex.

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Hi - Firstly - The export and CSV - Brilliant - Just works as expected and easy to navigate/request.

There is however 1 issue I have come across in trying to use the data that would be very easy to fix, and which breaks the import into other apps.
If you use the notes, as I do, to tag transactions, if there is a carriage return (the note is more than 1 line), the CSV is effectively broken. In this case, String.Replace(note,“\n”," "), so replacing note newline with a space would be a great improvement!

Thank you for building a great product/service.



Been a while since I’ve chimed in about the Export - but…

I’ve been redashboarding today and again coming into some old issues;

Could any and all “Monzo” type transactions (not sure an exhaustive list, but at least Flex transactions, and any other ones that come with no Merchant) - please can you add some meta data so I can find it on filtering by Merchant?


I know it’s a similar one to the very start of this thread - but there’s a whole host of transactions I can’t filter on :frowning:

Jeez, I was excited to work on my dashboard, but after reading the whole post, I’m afraid I will have to cancel my Plus membership… I was heavily relying on the data provided by Monzo on my transactions to track them and display them on a Dashboard in Excel, even considering making Monzo my main bank and switching to Flex just so I could track all expenses.

One thing I learned is that IFTTT might be able to solve this, it looks very similar to Power Automate from Microsoft which I have been learning for the last 2 years, maybe they can make this work.

This is the only reason I got Monzo Plus, Monzo you don’t need to provide cool features on your app and research new ways to capture your customers, it costs money.
But at least get the basics right, it is crucial that your data needs to be correct and provide as much information as possible.

You are underestimating how much benefit this adds to you, people who love to budget will talk about Monzo, the result is in your hands.
Think of HellDivers2, no marketing and yet they exploded thanks to their community and players promoting this game.


Sadly I don’t think even IFTTT is that suitable of a solution anymore - I can’t remember the ins and outs but it’s also gappy and has limits on the data these days.

The 2nd best thing I’ve found is using something like Zapier or which you can integrate with the API, but is a bit of a pain.

My only view at the moment is that this is that Monzo have realised they’ll get more engagement with their own proper budgeting tools (and possibly greater mass appeal) than just letting people access the raw data.


I just realised Monzo stopped updating my Google Sheets (3 days ago was the lastest update). I am Monzo Premium subscriber and I had no issues with it before. Now I can’t sync anything. Is there an issue somewhere with it or it’s just on off problem?

Is the sheet full? If so, you may need to add more lines at the bottom.

Nope, it’s not full.

It hasn’t stopped. Still working fine.

Bumping - it’s a real shame this hasn’t been fixed.