Google Podcasts (New App)

(Simon B) #1

Google just launched their very own Podcasts app :grinning:


What podcasts is everyone listening to this now?

Right now I’m listening to Susan Calman - Mrs Brightside. A deep dive in to depression and mental health. Well worth a listen!

(Simon B) #3

Official announcement :grinning:

(Brian Hunter) #4

Looks like a skin for the podcast section in the main Google App. Lots of features to add, but I look forward to seeing what they do with it. Nice that it integrates with Google Home, so you can resume podcasts from any home device.

Just launched YouTube Music over here too. Though in true Google style there are now two apps that appear to do the same thing?

(Simon B) #5

Yep, although I’ve noted that on Desktop, the YouTube Music site seems much more responsive than GPM. Doesn’t yet have my GPM library, but all the GPM features will apparently be rolled into YouTube Music.

(Brian Hunter) #6

Yeah, I read that your playlists will be ported over. I don’t use playlists so I’m not sure if that’s happened yet or not. Hopefully they push one services and retire the other. My YouTube Music sub does get me Google Play Music sub as well it seems.

(Simon B) #7

I wouldn’t care too much if playlists didn’t port.

I need my own uploaded library to port over though - I’ve uploaded about 20,000 of my own songs to GPM which aren’t available on any streaming service. A lot of vinyl rips and the like, live bootlegs etc.

(Brian Hunter) #8

Ooft, aye, I can see why you would need that.