Google Pixel 4 / Pixel 4 XL

Price will be key for the new pixel.
Coming from iOS, the pixel has always been the phone that attracts my attention. The price, unfortunately, always made it difficult to justify.

It’s either the pixel or Oneplus 7T that will be getting my money this year. iPhones have lost my interest


I currently have the OnePlus 7 Pro and I must say that the camera is not as good as the one from an iPhone XS Max or Pixel 3 XL.

I am considering to switch to the Pixel 3 XL or Pixel 4/Pixel 4 XL (depending on price).

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I believe that you can actually sideload the .apk file of the Google Camera. Not sure how much difference it would make though, it depends how much of the Google magic is in the software and how much is in the dedicated hardware.


Might give that a try :wink:

My biggest problem is with low light images. It works great during the day but as soon as it get’s a bit darker (even when it uses the flash) the image is very grainy :frowning:
Maybe the google magic will help with that :slight_smile:

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Always been the same with OnePlus. The 5T and 6T have the same issue.

Just tried it and it has actually helped a bit :wink:

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Awesome :grinning:

The matte back is looking very nice.

Looks like October 15th for the [cough] unveiling;

I’ll be arriving in NY right as it starts (no, I’m not going to the event sadly)

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Hmm, Pixelbook 2 sounds tantalising, although I’m sure well out of my price range.

Wonder if we’ll see any sequel to Pixel Buds - mine are starting to show their age a bit. or a Pixel Watch.

Familiar camera concept :apple:

So I ordered the Pixel 4 XL in “Oh So Orange” and it’s coming on Thursday :tada::tada::tada:


I just realized that there isn’t the unlimited storage with Google photos this time around, bad move Google

Yes… bad move from Google! I guess they got all the data needed for the “Face Unlock” feature from people’s photos! :eyes:
Anyway, I should keep my unlimited original quality given by my 3 XL with my 4 XL, which is arriving hopefully on Tuesday!

As I understand it , the unlimited original quality won’t also apply to your pixel 4 even if you have a pixel 3.

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Yea it’s device specific

Oh thanks… guess I will need Google One membership!

Google One membership is well worth having. I’m on a plan that gives me 100GB (of which I’ve used 75GB) and it’s less than £2 a month for it. Plus they gave all subscribers a free Google Home Mini a few weeks ago, so that’s about 18 months worth that I’ve paid right there. I’ve got more than enough of them so somebody in my family will get it as an Xmas present.


Dont you get free storage with the Pixel 4s?