Google Pixel 4 / Pixel 4 XL

This seems pretty interesting. I will almost certainly be picking up a Pixel 4 to replace my P2XL, but Google really need to pull out all the stops in the face of what OnePlus and others have been doing at lower price points recently.


Also, renders are starting to leak.

Even google have joined in on the leaks :ok_hand:t3::joy:



I can’t say I’m massively impressed with the alleged renders, to be honest.

This might be the year that I jump over to OnePlus.

Unless Google have a trick up their sleeve… which they might.


I think the camera alone will be worth the upgrade to the pixel 4

Yeah, that’s usually the thing. My Pixel 2 XL is kicking the ass of the S10 and iPhone XS, despite being a year older, camera wise.

These 3 camera lens phones are a tad ugly imo. Google managed so well with only 1 lens. I wonder what an additional 2 can suddenly offer besides better zoom?

Maybe it’s just perception that more the better.

I’m the same Simon I didn’t see any need to change my Pixel 2XL

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The official “leaks” continue.

This radar chip could either be totally awesome and game-changing, or a complete gimmick.

Let’s hope for the former.


I’m feeling a switch from my 2 XL to the 4 XL looming, but no pressure to switch just yet.
Depends on the price and also because the 2 XL still works brilliantly at everything, especially with Q & Gesture nav


Agreed. I got the 2XL right when it came out and it is holding up exceptionally well for being almost 2 years old.

My only thought for my upgrade is that there’s a possibility the 4XL won’t be a 5G device. Which isn’t a dealbreaker on it’s own, but could be a dealbreaker depending on the pricing. Because, the OnePlus7 Pro seems to have more RAM, a really great screen with a higher refresh rate than standard, there’s a 5G version already on EE, and with all of this it still may come in cheaper than the 4XL. Plus, because they tend to release every 6 months, there may well be a sequel on the cards not long after the 4XL ships, with a newer chipset.

I haven’t had a non-stock Android phone since 2012, when I got rid of my Galaxy S2 for a Nexus 4, but depending on what happens, that could be the case this year…

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iPhone 11 is going to have a lot to answer to with this face unlock and motion gestures. Looks interesting. I’m still rocking my OG Pixel XL so it will be interesting to see how these compare.

Damn, Google are flexing!! 90Hz screen is what I wanted to see!


Google Can’t catch a break with all these leaks


Pixel 4 XL leaks in multiple YouTube videos from Vietnam.

This is really interesting, since Google moved their production factory from China to Vietnam. Looks like a few 4 XL’s have escaped from the factory and found their way to various tech YouTubers there.

That Coral…

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Apparently the rear glass on the Coral and White models is matte, and the Black is glossy. I think the matte glass will look great :grinning:

The black and white panda look is so nice :heart_eyes:

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I agree, the White & black looks very… premium
But I have the panda 2 XL at the moment and probably would have gone for the panda 4 XL, but that Coral. I need to see them in person really.


Same, I also have the Panda 2 XL. I’m ready for a change. The Coral looks very nice.