Google Pixel 4 / Pixel 4 XL

This seems pretty interesting. I will almost certainly be picking up a Pixel 4 to replace my P2XL, but Google really need to pull out all the stops in the face of what OnePlus and others have been doing at lower price points recently.

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Also, renders are starting to leak.

Even google have joined in on the leaks :ok_hand:t3::joy:



I can’t say I’m massively impressed with the alleged renders, to be honest.

This might be the year that I jump over to OnePlus.

Unless Google have a trick up their sleeve… which they might.


I think the camera alone will be worth the upgrade to the pixel 4

Yeah, that’s usually the thing. My Pixel 2 XL is kicking the ass of the S10 and iPhone XS, despite being a year older, camera wise.

These 3 camera lens phones are a tad ugly imo. Google managed so well with only 1 lens. I wonder what an additional 2 can suddenly offer besides better zoom?

Maybe it’s just perception that more the better.

I’m the same Simon I didn’t see any need to change my Pixel 2XL

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