Google Duplex launches in some cities

Duplex was definitely one of the most hyped features announced by Google this year.

If you missed it, it’s the automated service that can call up restaurants/businesses on your behalf and make bookings for you. After the announcement, there were many who were sceptical, and felt that the video may have been edited and tested in a controlled environment.

Well, the service is apparently now available for some Pixel owners in “select cities” - meaning we should start to see some real world reviews of it very soon. This is one of the most promising innovations from Google, IMO, and it’ll be interesting to see it in action!

The call screening looks good as well. Not holding my breath for it reaching the UK though!


screen calling not in the UK?

Nope, US only feature at the moment I think.

I fear that there may be some legislative hoops that they would have to jump through to release here. No sure though, but just a sense. Some features take a while to leave the US, if they ever do.