Google Drive advice

I’ve never really kept my google services in order, always having been an avant Microsoft user and continuing to use MS services since transitioning to Android from Windows Phone. I’m looking into getting a new phone and thus tidying up a little bit. I’ve gone into my Google Drive (via PC browser) which has only ever been used to backup my phone and photos. I’m struggling to work out how to order my photos correctly. They seem to offer sorting by name, date modified or date viewed. This means that I have a ton of photos spanning the past 3-4 years all mixed up and in no order at all.

How can I view the photos in the correct order, as they show up in my phone?

Are you using the google photos website? It should default to date taken

Didn’t realise that existed - looks to be in the right order. Thanks!

Seems odd to have the two as separate entities :thinking:

Drive more focus on files/documents, google photo is as it says for photos

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You can download backup and sync on your pc and it will automatically sync all photos when you have new ones

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Google Photos is the place to look at your pics. You can see them in Google Drive too, though that can be switched off in settings if you prefer not to see them in there.

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