Google Debit Card


This will be interesting to follow… :open_mouth:

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I look forward to this and then :neutral_face: as they cancel it just as it gets going.


Oh that would be very interesting but surely not for the UK any time soon though :sleepy:

I still remember the first time they came out with a prepaid card. I had it for a while but there was nothing really compelling about it, and they never really developed it before they ditched it. Hope they’re a bit more committed to the idea this time.

I don’t remember that. How long did they keep it around?

Until end of 2016, it looks like. Here’s an article about the cards being terminated. I still have my old card, which I guess now serves as a warning that Google might not see this one through either:

Interestingly, it didn’t act like other prepaid cards in that it worked for inflight purchases; I’d accidentally shortchanged Air Canada by making an inflight purchase with it shortly before termination, and apparently they didn’t actually process the charge until termination date had passed because I never saw the charge hit my account.


A bank card that stalks you. Just what everyone wanted. :roll_eyes:


It’s getting closer…

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