Google asks users to learn ‘what a nonce is’

This made me chuckle


It’s just a picture of Prince Andrew.


Look up dodgy internet ads by SVC (I think) ob youtube, he shows some of the weird ones,

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Complete non-story… they simply publicised an option in the cryptographic API to developers, which they do sometimes. nonce is a well known technical term that developers are under no confusion about.

The independent is paywalled but the mirror published it and got the whole thing ass backwards and started ranting about apps…

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Well you know what hot water you can get in just be searching for something innocent, don’t you?

Look at #tractorgate, for example :joy::joy:



The only way I’ve gotten slutty tractors is doing a search for them :eyes::flushed:

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Is the independent paywalled? I get a pop up telling me to sign up but you can just ignore it by saying I’ll try later.

Some stories are free, some aren’t.