Google, Amazon and Apple team up to create open-source smart home standard

This is excellent news.


Oh wow, this sounds great!


Having a standard is going to be so good :slight_smile:


This will be cool, especially with the monzo API :smile:

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Yay another new standard!

“The great thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from”

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Actually could be really good! With Zigbee Alliance and a lot of the big players it might have the critical mass to make a difference! :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

I’m glad Apple is on board because when it comes to standards they’re either extremely one way or the other.

This is exciting news! Look forward to this rolling out also pleased that apple are actually gonna team up for once :wink:


I too like the fact that Google and Amazon will team up for once. (You say pohtato… )

This will massively simplify my life. Currently I manage devices across 4 or 5 apps, and each one has it’s own integrations to Alexa and Siri :angry:

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Only if they make it backwards compatible… I mean I can’t imagine why on earth these profit driven companies would want us to have to buy NEW stuff to get the benefits of a new standard… :roll_eyes:


I was waiting for that comic to pop up. I do love it.

But in this situation, it looks like all the players are on board:

The three tech giants have support from the smart home industry at large. They’re forming a group called Project Connected Home over IP, which will also be joined by the Zigbee Alliance — the maker of another smart home protocol — and its many board members, including Ikea, Samsung SmartThings, and the Signify, the company behind Philips Hue.


Its a goverment spy network currently as it’s closed software. (who says it is not, you can’t proove it)

Still I don’t trust google or amazon with voice recordings

Nor can you prove that it is. Usually the person making the claim would be the one to prove it, not the other way around :slight_smile:


Good grief. Let’s get the tin foil hats out shall we. And the burden of proof is on you.

By the way, how do you access the internet, is it via one of those ‘secure’ VPNs that is also part of the government spy network? If so, be careful what you say, you’ve already said too much I fear!!

Meanwhile, back on planet earth…


I browse the internet either by TOR or a VPN

VPNs are getting sketchy so TOR mostly.

I’m the most tin foil hat you can get. (Oh and a Linux user)

I see it is to be called CHIP. I believe Erik Estrada is the main driver behind this initiative. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:R-

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TOR is quietly funded by the NSA I believe. Good luck.