Google acquires Fitbit! 😮

I used to have a Withings but would recommend the EufyLife scales. Great value and far more reliable hardware (in my experience).

Also measured more variables (but Withings may have caught up by now?).

I’m not holding my breath. Four Pixels in the hardware is still nothing special at all despite Google acquihiring 1000 HTC staff.

If they really want to get serious about wearables they need to start with putting together a kickass chip team that can make great silicon to power the devices. The Qualcomm SOCs are an absolute joke.

I disagree. The Pixel 4 XL is the best phone Google have ever made, and I’ve owned damn near all of them since the G1 in 2008.

And how much of that is down to it having best in class hardware?

I have never understood the fascination with hardware, the best specs does not always equal best performance the iPhone’s a prime example of that

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I wasn’t just referring to raw performance, but iPhones do run rings around Android phones (Apple are literally years ahead in chip design).

But even disregarding horsepower, who doesn’t want an amazing screen, minimal bezels, great battery life, a camera that takes great video and stills, an expected lifetime greater than 2-3 years of usage…

I haven’t had a non Google Android phone since the HTC Desire, so I’m hardly a hater. But it always involves some sort of compromise. That was easier to take when the phones weren’t pushing £800.

Who keeps a phone longer than a year? I have only done it once with the pixel 2 :joy:

People on contract as the average length is 24 months.

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I was torn between the Pixel 4 XL and the OnePlus 7T Pro.

Pixel won because it feels like a premium Google experience with a real intent to merge hardware and software, a world class camera and just a little bit of Google madness which Soli is. It might not be hugely useful but it is massively fun and only Google could do it.

On paper the 7T Pro has what, another couple gigs of RAM, an overclocked CPU and the higher screen to body ratio… That’s cool. Not enough to sway me this year.

As for Apple being years ahead on chips. The data might indicate that to be true (although I’ve seen YouTube speed tests where the P4XL bested the 11 Pro Max, so depends on criteria) but the experience doesn’t.

I have two contracts, my other phone is an XR from last year and the experience doesn’t feel anywhere near as smooth or premium as the Pixel 4 XL. And Apple want effectively the same price for the iPhone 11 this year which is essentially the same phone, or pretty damn close.

I’m sure the Pro Max and last years XS hold up very well, but you’re looking at £1k and above for those.

Although the RRP of the Pixel 4 XL is £829, Google threw in an HP Chromebook 14 with all pre-orders. That’s a £200, maybe even £250 value Chromebook and that sealed the deal for me. And I’d think they did that because they’ll probably drop the price at Xmas or Black Friday.

I guess my point is that Google can deliver value ahead of what raw specs tell you. For me that means I don’t need them to be on the bleeding edge of specs. They’re on the bleeding edge when it comes to the camera and mad technology like Soli anyway.

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Haven’t had a contract in about 8 years

I had my 5S for nearly 7 years. Nothing wrong with it but Apple stopped support for it. R-


If google can’t find someone to build them a decent smart watch chip set, this won’t make a huge difference. Google Wear is held back by the absolute horror show on the internals; where an Apple Watch is a couple of light years ahead on performance

Google should have taken the apple approach by now and started making their own silicon.

Apple don’t (yet) make their own silicon…

Almost nobody does any more. TSMC are just too good at it.

But it’s apples design so it’s only purpose is for apple hardware.

Google use what’s available so optimization is usually awful, pixel slate is a great example of that not working

Actually Google have a lot of hardware designed for them.

Not the processors though

time to buy fitbit shares?

Time to sell not buy

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I have a Fitbit Versa, much preferred it to my Apple Watch experience.

My main gripe was that Fitbit was stubborn and never integrated with Apple Health. I guess this means going forward, “Fitbit” will be available with Apple health.