Goodbye, Simple

This is less about Monzo, and more just for us Simple refugees. I figure I would share with my fellow tortured souls.

I logged on this evening (Friday, May 7 at 10:43) in the middle of their change over and it looks like a developer or three have slipped in their own displeasure at the untimely demise of their baby. This pops up for just a few seconds before continuing on to the home page. I have no idea if it will persist into the morning.


For those of you from Monzo who see this, I know that over the past 12 or more months things may have seemed dire for you from time to time, too. Creating something is a hard fought fight, and the perils are not always known or seen until you encounter them. It takes courage, hope and a dream to do what you are doing.

Here’s wishing you all of the success you can stand and more as you move forward.


I can’t read that without hearing it in Michael Caine’s voice!

Goodbye, Simple! And thank you for effectively kickstarting the fintech revolution!


This could be of interest to ex-Simple users:

The website doesn’t yet exist properly, but you can sign up there.

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You’ve mentioned this elsewhere. Did you get into the beta as a backer?

The post above yours is the first time I’ve mentioned it but I have signed up to join the waitlist today, out of curiosity (even though I’m UK-based - so not holding out any expectation it’ll work or provide any benefit to my specific circumstances)

My mistake. Another David mentioned it here:

But it pushed me to look outwards, and I ran across this article on Das Budget. It does look interesting.

While I prefer my tools in the account itself, I can see the benefits of having an app that handles all of your accounts and moves from bank to bank with you. I never expected to have to change banks (I signed with Simple originally just because I wanted a 100% online bank I wouldn’t have to leave the next time I moved), but I guess you just never know.


To be fair, this forum has a lot of people with the ultimate first name.


I dunno. It works fine as a middle name but I wouldn’t want to promote it any higher than that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Looks like the migration hasn’t been without problems:

Here’s what the text in the screenshot says:

BBVA sincerely apologizes for the system errors many Simple customers have experienced. Our teams have worked around the clock to resolve issues and make things right.


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I’d just a few minutes ago stumbled across an article on this whilst doing my morning scroll through Apple News. I just expect these sorts of issues at this point, that’s how common they’ve become, and no amount of preparation or experience seems to help in pre-emptive mitigation. Annoyingly frustrating for Simple’s customers no doubt.

Here’s the article I saw:

And a non-Apple News link here:

Yeah. Saturday was no fun in that regard. After a few failed attempts in the morning, I just waited until the afternoon and tried again. I was able to get through around midday and set up web access.

The best part was seeing years of careful planning and setup blown to pieces and all of my funds sitting in one lump sum. :confused:


I’m curious to know, where, if anywhere, folks have found suitable refuge. What options they’ve tried, their thoughts, how they compare to Monzo. Whether they’ve tried Monzo and what they think?

I’ve been loosely following breadcrumbs on the internet over the past several months and been discussing it with a few of my friends back in the US, and one name that kept popping up was One Finance. That’s a new name for me that I’ve never come across before now. Seems quite a few folks are moving things over to them, but that nothing really seems to fill the gap in Simple’s wake. I’ve also learned they have access to Emma in the US too, but they apparently don’t cut it either.

DAS Budget mentioned above seems pretty interesting. I much prefer the wording they went with to get around Simple’s Safe-to-spend trademark than the one Monzo went with. Free-to-spend just feels better than left-to-spend for what the value is trying to portray. Given that it’s an additional tool to be used alongside a bank account, perhaps it’s something that can more reasonably be ported and adapted for use in the U.K. too, so we can experience a little of that Simple magic.

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DAS Budget is still in beta. There’s a subreddit for it if you want to keep up on what’s going on.

Since I needed a place right away that offered sharing, I’m currently setting up shop at One Finance. I’m still rooting for Monzo and have a small account, but it will have to wait for a point where I can use it the way I need to before it becomes my main account.

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