Das Budget

After Simple Bank closed in the US, a bunch of neobanks jumped to replicate its unique set of features. None of them really came close.

Das Budget isn’t a neobank but sits on top of (US) banks the same way that Emma or Lumio do here and effectively replicates Simple’s features. Unlike Emma and Lumio though, it looks like it manages upcoming spend more actively, creating virtual pots/buckets/budgets for spending, and managing a left-to-spend figure. It looks quite cool but is only for US banks right now.

Interestingly, the developer also seems to work for… Monzo.

I haven’t played with this yet (because US only obvs) but I think something like this would be an excellent offer under Monzo Plus and Premium.

Tagging @N26throwaway because Simple.


This is an apt description. It can plug into Monzo by way of the API. I actually have had this app in testing, and have had for some while and as I’m sure folks will have noted from the Monzo TestFlight thread!

It’s now been released though. If this ever gets UK support, I think it’ll be awesome. Especially if they’ve refined how you set it up with Monzo. It is awesome, and right now is the only adequate replacement for Simple in the US in my view, and I’m hoping it can be ported to work with Monzo in the UK too.

Fascinating that the guy behind it works for Monzo though! Hope he has some influence in how Monzo’s approach to budgeting evolves, specifically in trends.

But yep, this is exactly the sort of budgeting approach I’ve been wanting for years now. Probably since Simple launched in the US. Hope we get it in the UK at some point.


I wonder if it’s something that @tomr1 or @edo1493 might take inspiration from? :thinking:

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Possibly worth tagging @while-loop as this is their app (assuming they’re the same Anthony)!

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You found me :astonished:

We’re excited to really dig into connected accounts for the US product. I believe Monzo could be much more powerful as everything sits within its own app and isn’t a 3rd party app. It’ll also directly integrate with US payments like ACH.

We have a write-up on the vision of connected accounts in our previous post :point_right: May Virtual Meetup Recap. Lots of goodies in there!


With your Das Budget hat on, any switch you can press to bring it to the UK? Would it work for Monzo UK accounts (leaving aside cosmetic differences like $ and £ signs) without any work?

(We’ve never had Simple and I’m super keen to try it out!)


Second this!

In all honesty I’d love to see some of your work here make its way into Monzo itself! That would be the dream! Is that something that could ever happen? What you’ve built @while-loop is nothing short of brilliant!


@Peter_G I believe it should would without an issue for current accounts. Signs will be incorrect in the app as there are some hardcoded $ signs. I’m not sure how it’ll behave if your account has things like Flex, Loans, Joint Accounts, etc.

@N26throwaway that’s the goal! I want to bring some of my experience with DAS over to Monzo. It won’t be a straight 1-to-1, but a way that it’ll fit in seamlessly into Monzo. I’ll admit, envelope budgeting isn’t for everyone. Some are fine with more reactive/monthly summary, but DAS users are kinda hardcore :sweat_smile:


This is awesome for folks who want to play with it! Only issue is the TestFlight build was removed and the app isn’t available in the UK App Store!

So exciting! :grin:


Ooof :person_facepalming: you’re totally right. I’m not sure if there is another way for you to try it without switching app store locations. Sorry!!!


Every time I check the community and see this topic, I keep mentally adding a ‘Machine’ at the end of the title.


If anyone stumbles across an APK (or mirror) do ping me! :joy::pray:

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