Goodbye Mondo, Hello M-- (we're changing our name!)


When the name changes can I get a new card with the new name on it ??

How come Mondo isn’t going to be used anymore?

Given the legal challege, surely you should have changed the name before printing cards, no?


As we mentioned during our recent Crowdcube campaign, our trade mark, “Mondo”, has been legally challenged by an undisclosed company with a similar name.

I suppose if we wanted new card we could just freeze in app and request new one

How about Metro Bank? I can’t forsee any problems there… :wink:

Edit: Can we submit more than one name? I have a few ideas.

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Your logo looks like Mandrill logo (even colours are similar) better to change it to something original in one go.


Morning everyone!

@Toddie1982 - We’ll not reissue Mondo cards until we launch as a bank (hopefully not that far off!)

@jopkins - we’ve said as much as we can, there’s been a legal challenge to the trade mark

@dhokes - when we make the decision we’ll change the card design for printing (otherwise we’d have to stop rolling out cards for a bit :frowning: )

@anon4562461 - the more the merrier! :slight_smile:


That’s two m words anyway.

There’s a lot of trademarks with the word Mondo!

I’d say “Monopoly” seems like a good candidate name. There are no UK trademarks for Monopoly in Class 36 (Insurance; Financial affairs; Monetary affairs; Real estate affairs).

If one word isn’t enough, how about “Monopoly Bank” or “Monopoly Money”?


I think the community should demand Banky McBankface as an acceptable name… though doesnt start with an M so maybe MobileBanky McMobileBankface


I think Monopoly will sound too corporate/business orientated even if it is a joke reference to the board game Monopoly. No business would want a ‘joke name’? Right?

I think Mondo (app and bank) is supposed to be fun and easy, so the name should not connote to banking or money at all. Similar to how the name Mondo currently doesn’t point to anything money related. So names like Metro or MyBank that I’ve seen a lot of people suggest on Twitter make me shake my head a little bit.

I’ve submitted a few names myself and I’m excited to see the shortlist!


Fair points. Maybe something more generic like “Multitude” might work?

My first suggestion is Munify. Works on a couple of levels, means to fortify and it sounds a bit like money. I’ve submitted it with a quick mockup too. Comes up clear on the IPO site too.

Width = 666? Nice.


Tough situation. To this community, you ARE Mondo and renaming will feel odd, whatever new name you choose.

At this risk of teaching you to suck eggs, it’s unlikely that rushing at this in a day with a community competition will find a name that can be great brand and strong trademark. You need to be taking the time to find or create a really original name down the more associative or abstract end of the spectrum.

I’ve submitted a couple of ideas to show the kind of names I think you need to be considering, but they probably only illustrate the problem - finding something that beings with M, is short, has the right connotations, feels like a real company (not a flighty startup), is easy to pronounce, is available as a trademark and a decent domain, doesn’t have negative meanings in non-English languages etc etc just takes some time.


What about Magna Bank

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My onces I suggested were:

Midas - In Greek mythology, everything Midas touches turns to gold. I thought this would be a fun idea as I think everyone wishes they could just conjure up loads of money out of thin air, haha. But the name might be a bit obvious as it links to gold/wealth.

Meteor - I just love space to be honest. Meteors are fast and space exploration is futuristic so I think it’s fitting for an app that’s on the cutting edge of banking.

Merlin - If anyone’s gonna look after my money I hope it’s an English wizard with a really long beard. A magical name for a magical bank.

Mojo - I think this one is really fun and it’s my favourite. Mojo meaning charm or appeal, like when people ‘get their mojo back’ I think it’s a positive name that people will connect to. If you have your mojo, you’re doing what you love and you’re feeling happy. Also it reminds me of the monkey from The Powerpuff Girls. It also sounds similar to Mondo without straying too far from the original name!


Merlin could also be Tim Robbins in Top Gun. Also ace.

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Sad to hear the Mondo name has to go.

How about using the name given to us Alpha and Beta testers - Mondonaught?

Or these would be my other two suggestions:

  • MyBank
  • Magnet