Goldex vs Glint

Does anyone have any experience of Goldex I just stumbled across them. They appear to be doing the same thing as Glint but say they can achieve cheaper buy rates and better sell ones.

Can anyone confirm if this is true? Are they really getting better rates? If so is there any other caveats to watch out for?

Yes, I have played around with Goldex and they seem to be 100% kosher…I did check their About Us and they have some serious guys behind.
In my opinion, they are different to Glint. First, I like the way the app makes me see the prices, market, commissions…I am also a Glint user and I did a quick price comparison last week and Goldex gave me a much better price (the difference is when you sell, really…Goldex was 3 times cheaper) which is not going to break the bank for my £200 trade but definitely big difference.
It looks like they act as a price discovery place and they don’t own any gold themselves (which I really like). A nice touch is that they have this cool Smart Buy button that scans markets to get the best price when you buy or sell. I will wait to get their card and then I can comment more but so far I like it.

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Goldex fees:
Glint fees: