Glint Crowdcube raising

So, I was one of the people in Crowdcube that had applied to get shares in Glint. I got an email last week telling me that the campaign was cancelled (because they do not need the money). Somehow, I don’t believe this. As a user of Glint too, I have asked the company about what is going on, but they haven’t replied. I have found out though that the co-founder (and COO) has resigned this week together with more guys there. I am going to take my money out of there as I don’t know if they are going to close the curtains, but I can’t believe we were 1,600 crowdcube investors and nobody knows anything?
Happy to hear your thoughts if you are one of those like me who nearly parted with our money.

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Do you have the email you could post?


Sounds like you got a lucky break :slightly_smiling_face:

Can’t find any more information about any of this anywhere. Hopefully the OP will give some links and more information

This is what I got…
Dear Crowdcube Investor,

We are sorry for the delay in contacting you regarding your proposed investment in Glint. We hope it hasn’t inconvenienced you too much.

We’ve been reviewing our operations and funding requirements and, after much thought, have decided not to proceed with this round of investment at this time. This decision has come about due to changes that have occurred in our Business, most notably the timescale for our US launch which has been rescheduled for technical reasons beyond our control. We expect to resolve these issues by the end of Q1, 2019 but we don’t want to keep you waiting any longer.

We remain focussed on delivering a reliable gold-based alternative to traditional money and banking and on our US expansion plans. We very much hope that you understand our decision not to go ahead with your investment at present and we’d like to thank you very much for showing an interest in Glint. We very much hope to be able to offer you another exciting opportunity to invest in Glint next year.

Best regards

Jason Cozens
Chief Executive

Also invested and received the same message. I like the concept but have removed my money from the app for the same reasons. Crowdcube’s due diligence is terrible at the moment. Like really bad. Start up companies are high risk but this is just another bad example of a trend that seems to be forming…

exactly the same as me. I am out of there baby. The worrying thing is that their co-founder / COO has legged it. Not because of the crowdfunding per se.

Why would use Glint when you invest through NSI signature Gold?