Golden Ticket via SMS


Why you include Goldet Ticket image in SMS invitation? … being charged 0.42p by EE ;(


That is MMS not SMS


Automatically converted to MMS… yes

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I think what Mogolent is saying, is that if only the text were included when sharing by SMS, it would be included in text allowance and not cost anything. The image is visually nice, but unnecessary for sharing the ticket.

I imagine the reason is that an app can’t adjust what is shared at the point the person chooses the method from the share sheet. Monzo hands off text+image to the system, which then produces the share sheet. So the only way to avoid including the image on SMS would be to remove it for all forms of sharing (i.e. iMessage/WhatsApp/Email, etc would also not include an image). That’s just a guess, I’m not a programmer.


One solution is to disable MMS at the source; in your Messages settings for iOS, for Android you can edit the MMS APN and change it to a random (invalid) value. MMS is dead anyway, just use WhatsApp or Messenger or even email.

Another solution is to vote with your wallet and give the middle finger to a company that charges 0,42£ for what could be at most 500kb of data - there is absolutely zero technical reason for it to be that expensive. :wink:

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Can you suggest a mobile provider that doesn’t rip you off on mms?

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I’ve not heard MMS for years… iMessage now a days.

(Nick) #8

But that is quite a lot of effort just because the bank of the future uses a dead technology to send an unnecessary image.

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Remove those MMS charges with one simple step


Wots that? Can’t find it on my Android!

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What is this Android that you speak of? :thinking:


Let me fix that for you!


It is downgrade from my Windows mobile (thanks Monzo)

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It’s also worth noting that this isn’t done on the Android app. It just puts the link in


Ha ha, the prices are HNW bracket, and they less customizable as an interface which sucks.

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Is that still a thing?


All the nails in it’s coffin were nailed in by Microsoft themselves. However they had a few big order last year from police forces who felt it was the most secure system out of the three (they looked at Android, Apple and Windows, not BlackBerry)

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Yep it’s a shame they murdered their own platform with stupid decisions one after another, as if they couldn’t learn from their first mistake.

The platform was definitely good back in the Windows Phone 8(.1) days and I miss that, though now with the direction Windows 10 is taking I wouldn’t care what the mobile version would’ve been like.


I was thinking of local police rather than American but thanks for posting the article.