Gmail new branding

I just saw that Google are rebranding gmail under their new gsuite rebrand.

Is it me or does the new gmail icon feel very Monzoesque? Probably just me


Wouldn’t confuse me if I saw them side by side plenty enough differences between the 2 logos


I imagine Google’s designers have been watching Monzo very closely to learn how to do it properly :wink:


Looks more unified, i have a folder full of google apps so this will look pretty organised :slight_smile: . Definitely would not confuse me with the trusty :monzo: icon.

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As @Monzosaurusrex says it’s a more unified look and is consistent with Google’s branding, even if there are some queues taken from Monzo’s logo. Personally, I don’t like it, I guess for similar reasons for my distaste of plaid patterns and textures. The way the colours intersect look horrid to me.


I agree. Look at the recent rebranding of MS Office apps. Those app icons are amazing compared to what they used to be.

These new Google app icons look increasingly childish to me in comparison to the MS ones.


I think your onto something there @davidwalton. I agree with @N26throwaway in not liking the plaid patterns and textures, and your point on them looking childish is the aim of Googles Design Team.
See, Chromebooks are really big in the education market and are really aimed towards that market so i think googles attempt was to suit both markets.

Clean and Simple for the adults, Childish and memorable for the students :slight_smile:
(This is my opinion anyway, i could be massively wrong)


Feels weird having a new Gmail logo. I can see the Monzo resemblance, but the only thing they’ve copied are their other icons. Looks right at home now amongst all their other services.

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I’m not ejecting Google based on icons (die-hard Android/Google services user for all my sins) but they are a bit, erm, rubbish.

Some people agree;

But while we’re at it, I have ditched Gmail for Hey, don’t use Keep anymore, can’t wait to try Daybridge hoping it’ll replace Gcal, about to cancel Stadia Pro (coz Xbox killin’it) - in fact, there’s only Gdrive left which I truly use and rely on.

Wow. Google has become old to me.


Not sure if anyone’s said it yet but I believe these new logos are only for customers of G Suite (or whatever it’s called), the package of Gmail, Drive, Meet etc for businesses.

So glad this thread exists. This just happened:


I really hope they change the Monzo icon soon.

Trademark infringement by Google would be an amusing profit centre for Monzo :joy:


I realise you’re joking, but they’re not honestly that similar, are they?

If it wasn’t for Photos and Maps, I would ditch Google too

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They’re a lot more similar than some of those song lyrics and stems that got found to infringe (like Blurred Lines and Marvin Gaye)

As you note, I was joking though, as :mondo: could never afford to sue Google through to conclusion (which is its own separate discussion)

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They are far more similar that SO many infringement cases over the years.

I mean I doubt anyone will in actual fact get confused but they aren’t exactly a million miles apart so it’s super easy to see how people think they are similar.

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But then, Google has used the for colours for years (interesting article from their design team about evolving the 2015-onwards logo: ) and Gmail has had an M logo since launch (often, in the early days used with the for colours ).

This is what the Gmail notification looks like in the notification bar, ignore the monzo logo below I was just browsing the forum when an email came in.

I literally saw this just now on the Mrs’ phone and thought it was a Monzo notification.