Thanks for your advice Mike :grinning: I will take it on board :smiley: :ok_hand: I will definitely watch this thread for future updates! :eye:

This is how Goldmoney, the guys who came up with the original idea do it.

100% physical gold backing is very clearly stated on the main page as well as in FAQ. 100% of all gold purchased by their customers is stored in vaults around the world. :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

I hope this means they’ll improve the android app. No card topups, FPS transfers take a day to show up, and no way to automatically convert cash to gold, so quite a faff, particularly if you’re dripfeeding.
No chat in app either…

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On a more general note, I wonder how many people are using this for payments, rather than just buying gold.
It might be a good option as a burner card

Had another look at this today on Android. It’s pretty much the app they shipped on day one, except you can now hold EUR and USD balances.

Lots of simple stuff they could do to improve, but it’s not getting done :pensive:

The only thing they have going for me is their card design, it’s my absolute favourite. Too bad there’s no reason to use it

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It needs so many UI changes in my mind it’s unreal. Plus the fees are too high to be thinking about day to day use.

But I do like them I want to use it. They just need to engage more.

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Agreed. Customer service / appearance is not their strong point. Even their welcome email is from no-reply :roll_eyes:


Lo and behold - an update!

Think delays are because they’ve been focused on laying the foundations for :us: launch: