Visa / MasterCard

(P Burrows) #1

will it be possible when the current account is launched to have the option for a visa card or to have a virtual visa card? there are a few sites that i use on a regular basis that charge small amounts for paying with mastercard. it would be easier from a budgeting point of view to not have to put these transactions through on another card. ideally when monzo launch fully i can close a couple of these accounts down and make my banking a bit simpler.:slightly_smiling_face:

(Rich) #2


it will be MasterCard

you can see what it should look like too :slight_smile:



Highly unlikely they would consider ever running multiple card schemes due to the extra cost involved

(Jolin) #4

Out of interest, what sites charge more for MasterCard than Visa?

(P Burrows) #5

The main one that I use is my works “your offers” site where I earn really good discounts for topping up payment cards for specific shops like Tesco and Morrisons. I get discounts of up to 10% although they charge 1.5% for MasterCard and visa is free, therefore I def won’t be using my :mondo: card for that! Not wasting 1.5% on fees!