Unable to Create New Client

Unsure if anybody else has had problems with this, but I’m not currently able to create new API clients through the developers portal.

No errors, it accepts it, refreshes, but then just doesn’t appear in the sidebar.

This was happening before the new year too, but thought it might get fixed with a bit of time.

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0auth clients?
I can create new ones, maybe try the new browser or cookies cache clear?

Double check you have given the session access by dealing with the alert in the app.

Each session needs to be approved I.e every time you log onto the developer portal.

It might not be this but that’s the exact behaviour I have had when I forgot.

Yup talking about Oauth clients.

Definitely got account access, can query all transactions etc.

Tried multiple browsers, clearing cache, etc.

Is there a silent cap on the number of clients now? I do have quite a lot, perhaps part of the problem?

Not really sure to be honest. I certainly haven’t seen anything in the documentation. I tend to only have what I absolutely need. Usually 1 for testing with and another for the actual use case

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Downside of having an app which supports a couple hundred users aha

Lots of clients :grinning:

I will add that two others (not on forum) who just checked also weren’t able to add new ones :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I have exactly the same problem. I only have one account.
I can login and access all information via mobile or windows via monzo app.
However after login to the developer section …
i can not create “a client in the developer tools”.
I have tried with different browzers with history/cache zeroed.
Always nothing in Your OAuth Clients ???

  1. does anyone know of an idiots guide for this ???
  2. or does the information need to match or be formated in someway / ie logo url or redirect urls ??

Help most appreciated.

I had zero and successfully added one to be clear.

You don’t have to add anything besides the name and description.

Edit; just added 4 successfully.

Do you see the developer portal in the manage apps section of the monzo app?

Dear Kolok,
Thank you for your response.
-Do you see the developer portal in the manage apps section of the monzo app?-
Not sure what you mean. I log into the Monzo Developer Portal via a sent email link. Then i have access to these two urls.
Curiously when i switch to playground page i get an error message …

  • developers.monzo.com says-
    Please open your app to allow API Playground access to your account … dont know if that is related.

Last year i read (before i was trying to create a PHP API) that someone with a business account had problems … which were resolved when tried with a standard account not business.

Does any one have a business account which allows you to create aps ?? or at least create clients in the developers portal ??

Interesting point: I have a business account.

Can’t speak for others!

You get a notification to approve access from your monzo app,

If you go to your profile icon in the top left > settings cog top left> privacy and security> manage apps, it should say developer portal there once you approve it.

I couldn’t find anything solid on needing to have a personal account, besides someone saying possibly.

But someone else had the same as you until they approved the login from the monzo app as well as the magic link so double check you’re doing that.

Dear Kolok and Sherlock,

Thank you for your responces.
I checked …
settings cog top left> privacy and security> manage apps
Monzo IOS app and
Monzo Development Portal
are present and i assume operational.

By magic link i assume you mean
https:/developers.monzo.com/ >> api playground >> then email button.

When i do i still get this strange message
‘Please open your app to allow API Playground access to your account.’

anyone else seen this ??

Try click on the developer app inside your Monzo app and revoke the app/ permissions and then log out the developers website and log in again.

Do you have a personal account as well or just a business one?

Interesting idea, hadn’t thought to do that - but yeah made no difference for me.

Got personal + 1 business (+ flex accounts, and all the rest).
Have done the extra playground validation in-app, and nothing else in the dev portal is broken (can make queries etc).

Just adding new clients fails.

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