Getting Sky Installed

(Simmy) #41

Ok i will do . thanks :slight_smile:

(Simmy) #42

Just my luck . Installation day and it’s ridiculously windy :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

(Caspar) #43

They’re trained professionals, don’t worry :wink:

(Caspar) #44

PS I’m feeling personally invested in this installation now, let us know how it works out! :partying_face:

(Simmy) #45

Install went fine, was a very friendly bloke too.

There was only one way to do the cabling ( it runs under two doors which I can close but not shut, however I keep these doors open regardless )

(Simon) #46

That sounds weird, not sure why they could only go under doors. Unless it was to prevent damage to walls etc.

(Simmy) #47

He said his ladder was not tall enough. Not to worry i’ll stick a sign up on the door to make sure it doesn’t close lol.

(Simmy) #48

Someone told me you can’t have more than 4 dishes on a property without breaking the rules ? Is that true, or is this just for council properties ?

(Caspar) #49

Sounds made up.

(Simmy) #50

Most be. Loads of blocks have many dishes on them

(Richard) #51

Could be a bylaw of where you live…

But those sorts of rules are usually reserved for World heritage sites etc

(Simmy) #52

Here, on page 6/7

It says "there will be no more than four antennas on the property overall "

That cannot be right ?

(Leon) #53

A dish is not a antenna.

(Simmy) #54

I know that’s what I thought but if you read the pdf it says “ for the installations of antennas, including satellite dishes “


" In this document, ‘antennas’ includes satellite dishes "

(Caspar) #55

Don’t worry about it unless the council write to the block owners.

(Simmy) #56

Fair enough.
It would make sense if that was the case for council home/flats. Surely they don’t dictate what can/can’t go on a privately owned building

I suppose if anything does happen, we can request for a communal dish.

Just looked around my area.
One block has 5 dishes on, the other has 8 dishes. So the regulations must be fairly relaxed


Of course they do/can.

(Caspar) #58

Yeah, technically planning permission is a ‘thing’, but unless you’re building a second house in your garden, or something that actually affects other people, you’re unlikely to get pulled up about it. Satellite Dishes are way down on the priority list of offences.

If anyone does come knocking, it won’t happen for years.